About Sara


I’ve had clients tell me they’ve been in therapy before (sometimes for many years), with a therapist that was a good listener, but the therapy seemed to go nowhere. Although talking about your problems is important, we’ll be doing that and much more. 

This is different…

I will help you tap into the intelligence of your mind and body in a way you may not have experienced before. This new relationship to yourself is key to healing.

I will help you understand how your body and mind are connected, and how developing the awareness of this connection can help you make peace with your past sufferings and traumas, as well as better manage your current problems. You’ll walk out of session with tools that can help.

I’ve had clients tell me that knowing about the body-mind connection has helped them feel empowered, as they now understand themselves on a deeper level. Other things I hear are:

"I feel more comfortable in my own skin...

I'm kinder to myself...

My intuition is stronger...

I feel more connected to my loved ones...

I have a new respect for who I am."

My Toolbox

I will be right in the thick of it with you, sleeves rolled up. I will pay close attention to what’s happening with you, with me, and between us, and will bring focus to the elements that lead towards healing. The tools that I use in sessions are ones that are effective and based on science, such as:

Trauma Resiliency Model: Body-mind therapy that helps get people in touch with their strengths and wisdom, and resolves trauma.

EMDR: An evidence-based trauma treatment, that incorporates elements of mindfulness meditation.

Havening® Touch: An amazing, cutting edge psychosensory method for resolving trauma and healing wounds.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Down to earth skills aimed at helping people improve their ability to manage strong emotions and decrease impulsivity.

Mindfulness: Teachings that focus on being present, connected to self and others compassionately, and acceptance of what is, as it is. I am also a certified teacher of Realization Process, advanced mindfulness embodiment practices.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Therapy that helps people understand their thinking patterns, and develop healthier ones.

I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist(LMFT No. 45166), licensed in the state of California. I also do therapy in Spanish. 

On a more personal note…

There are some things I cannot do without: daily meditation, walking my dog, and the ritual my husband and I have of closing a busy day with a hot cup of tea.

EMAIL: sara@sararotger.com

PHONE: (818) 427-5390